Services and Rates

Services and rates (GBP)

These are the basic photographer’s rates which apply to on-location portraits without making-up etc. For events, weddings, and white-background products, please contact us. For pre-wedding rates, please click here
UK rates £ 2 hours 4 hours 6 hours
Express 299 499 699
Standard 399 599 799

1. For 2 hour shooting, you will be served by the photographer only. For 4 hour and 6 hour, an assistant will be assigned to look after you during the shooting.
2.You will expect to receive around 60-100 original photos per hour from a high level photographer.
3. Express rate (mostly preferred by bloggers with retouching app experience) does not include any retouching or PS work. The photos will be ready within 1-2 working days.
4. Standard rate will include 5 professionally retouched high quality photos per hour and all the photos will be delivered in 2-5 working days.
5. Bespoke Service is tailored to individual needs, please contact us to discuss.
6. A 30% of the full price of the shooting will be taken as deposit when you make the booking.

Please read our standard terms and conditions for photography services

What you pay for

The prices quoted above are an ‘all inclusive’ price – we will not make any additional charges for standard processing (which should be all you need). Expenses are charged for sites outside of London zone 2/3  – please see the details below.

What you’ll receive for the prices above:
  • Our time to take your photographs – your costs are based on how long it takes us to shoot your images
  • The photographs taken – we don’t hold any back and charge for additional shots later
  • Our time to process and select your photographs – we will make sure the photographs you receive are of high quality and ready to use.
  • High resolution images – delivered electronically with a download link, the link will be emailed to you and valid for 14 days. After 14 days, your images may be removed and in case you need to download again, the re-uploading surcharge is £39. Re-uploading takes times and costs money, we encourage you to download and save your images to your local disks immediately whenever possible.
  • A license/the right to use your images – we do not normally place any time restrictions on how long you can use the images or how many times you use them, BUT there may be restrictions on HOW you use them and these will be detailed in your quote (this restriction usually only applies to large scale, world-wide, non-web advertising campaigns)


  • We charge mileage for all projects outside of London zone 2/3
  • In which case, we also charge travel time for such projects. We charge £30 for each hour  – rounded up to the full hour
  • Hotels and expenses (if required) are charged at cost

Processing costs

  • Basic image processing is included in the price you pay for us to take your photos.
  • Additional enhanced image processing and Photoshop work is charged at £25 per photo.
  • We offer bespoke cut-out service, please contact us and discuss your needs further.

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